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- Fractional Calculus Computer Algebra System

= `sum_0^oo ` mathHandbook.com

Clicking function enters it into Calculator , and
moving mouse over it shows its text. o `oo` + - * / ^ ! `pi`
sin(x) cos(x) tan(x) cot(x) csc(x) `sin^(-1)(x)` `cos^(-1)(x)` `tan^(-1)(x)`
sinh(x) cosh(x) tanh(x) `sinh^(-1)(x)` `cosh^(-1)(x)` `tanh^(-1)(x)`
`x^2` `sqrt(x)` `root3(x)` `e^-x` exp(x) log(x) `log_10 (x)` |x| sgn(x) x! `C_x^n` `H_x`
`Gamma(x)` `gamma(n,x)` `psi(x)` erf(x) `Phi(x)` Ei(x) li(x) si(x) `zeta(x)` `E _0.5 (x)`
f(x) `f^-1(x)` `int`f(x) dx `int_0^1`f(x) dx `d/dx`y(x) `(d^(1/2) y)/dx^(1/2)` `y^((1))(x)` y'


`dsolve(d^(-1)/dx^(-1) y-2*y=exp(x))`


`dsolve(d^(-1)/dx^(-1) y-2*y=exp(x))` == `c_1*e^(1/2*x)`

zoom graph by mouse wheel.

Usual keywords are lowercase, which are different from uppercase, e.g. beta is different from Beta. If you cannot get result, please click the button, or try it tomorrow. Please feedback your problem, read its example and manual of symbolic computation Computer Algebra System.